6 Easy, Warm Getaways to Take When You’re Craving Sunshine

6 Easy, Warm Getaways to Take When You’re Craving Sunshine

It’s not even January and we’re already calculating how many more endless winters we must survive before we can retire to Boca. Luckily, there’s an easier way to get some much-needed sunshine. Here: six easily accessible warm-weather vacations you can book on a whim to escape the frigid cold.


With only two seasons—spring and summer—Bermuda’s weather seldom dips below 70. The island is conveniently located off the coast of North Carolina (a two-hour flight from NYC), but with its pink sand, gorgeous beaches and quaint towns, it feels worlds away.


If you’re craving some vitamin D, Jamaica is one of the most accessible Caribbean islands. In fact, most major cities offer multiple flights a day. The island offers a little bit of everything, from lush jungles and waterfalls to pristine beaches and reefs perfect for diving.


With its serene vibe and breathtaking red-rock buttes, Sedona boasts an average of 278 sunny days per year. Use it as a home base to visit the Grand Canyon, or just stay put and relax in the idyllic setting.


New flights like Norwegian Air’s $400 round-trip deal is making it easier than ever to visit Barcelona. It’s not tropical, but with temperatures around 55 degrees all winter, you can still hang out in Barceloneta Playa and eat tapas al fresco


When the winter blues get you down, head to Texas. In Austin, you’ll find a vibrant music and flourishing food scene. Plus, the temperatures hover in the 60s for most of the winter, ideal for hiking, biking and touring Hill Country’s route.


This colorful port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast is having a moment, and the year-round sunshine makes it easy to explore. Book a month in advance, and you’ll find round-trip flights from New York City for under $500. Score.