Stunning Travel Destinations You Might Not Know

Stunning Travel Destinations You Might Not Know


Maldives, schmaldives. This tiny island just east of Madagascar is the new secret gem.


Sure, Paris is great. But tacking on an extra couple of days (when the lavender is in bloom) to bike through Provence is très “you’ve got to be kidding me.”


The Amalfi Coast is unbeatable (you know this), but it’s not the only chain of amazing islands in town. For a more under-the-radar Italian experience, visit the UNESCO-protected Aeolian archipelago–a cluster of seven small spots where you’ll find gorgeous terra-cotta guesthouses, and miles of undisturbed beaches.


Tokyo is a given for any trip to Japan. But after you’ve taken in the bright lights, jet over to Kyoto (an easy three-hour trip on the bullet train). There you’ll find temples, cherry trees and a stunning bamboo forest.


If old-world cities like Barcelona are your style, this South American locale should be next on your list.


New Zealand is breathtaking; a 21-hour plane ride is not. Instead, jet south to Argentina to cruise through the 2-million-year-old glaciers of Patagonia.


Guys. You can be real-life friends with real-live penguins. Just outside Cape Town lies this little inlet where African penguins meander in droves.

Cyprus in Spring

The island of Cyprus, ideally located in the Eastern Mediterranean, has mild winters and hot summers making the country a year-round holiday destination. There is never a bad time to visit and whenever you go you will find lovely soft sand beaches You may experience a shower or two in Cyprus at the beginning of spring, but for the most part, you’ll be basking in the warm glow of the Mediterranean sun. Daytime temperatures vary from a mild 15 °C to a “perfect” 28 °C in April. The comparatively cooler temperatures are ideal to take part in adventure activities, from kayaking to snorkeling (with wetsuits). The coarse, limestone rock here is a climber’s paradise, and if you are new to rock climbing Adventure Sports in Paphos organize individual and group courses. Spring is the best time to experience nature as the landscape is in full bloom. Wild purple orchids make a rare appearance in early April, and the rugged landscape is a painted in every shade of green.