Your Itinerary for the Most Relaxing Sunday Possible

Your Itinerary for the Most Relaxing Sunday Possible

You’ve arrived at the weekend, and you have two whole days to recharge your batteries. Here’s exactly how to do it–and which pastries to eat while you’re at it. Just promise you’ll leave the laptop at home. This is you time.

Stroll through the Garden of the Phoenix

Start your day strolling through the lush wooded island with a cup of coffee in hand. Inspired by the gardens of Japan, this hidden gem has cherry-blossom trees, ponds dotted with lily pads, and long meandering paths.

Meditate (and Take a Float) at Float Sixty

At the new River North spot, you can take a 60-minute “float” in one the sensory deprivation tanks. The water is warm, soothing lights illuminate the tank and soft music plays while you drift off. You can also book a 30-minute session in the tranquil meditation room.

Get a Pedicure at Cowshed

Believe it: Sandal weather is coming. Address your need for a fresh coat of polish with the Ultimate Cowshed Pedicure. You’ll sink into a cozy armchair in front a personal TV. You’ll also get a neck pillow and an arm, leg and scalp massage.

Have a Snack Break at Americano 2211

Wicker Park’s European-style café encourages the art of lingering–over pastries, to be precise. Whipped up by a Charlie Trotter’s alum, the treats are served all day, so you can take your sweet time getting over there for a rosemary-sea-salt biscuit or a Sicilian almond cookie.

Have Dinner and a Movie

At AMC’s new Dine-In Theater, the Cinema Suites auditoriums have reclining chairs bellied up to personal tables. Push a button to order up dinner and drinks. (The chicken tenders are delicious.)

Wind Down with Cocktails at the Violet Hour

After this day, you won’t truly need to wind down. But you never need an excuse to enter the Violet Hour’s elegant confines, turn off your cell phone (it’s a rule) and order one of the city’s OG mixology drinks. The “Juliet and Romeo,” made with gin, cucumber and rose water, is always a good idea.